Our purpose

Our Goals

Barrydale and the surrounding farms suffer from the ailments common to our part of the world:

  • isolation,
  • unemployment,
  • poverty,
  • poor parental guidance,
  • alcohol and substance abuse,
  • domestic violence,
  • teenage pregnancy,
  • absence of opportunities for development of skills,
  • few good role models,
  • poor progression from school to tertiary study.

These circumstances put all our children and youth at risk and our main objective is to run programmes which:

  • keep them safe,
  • discover and develop their individual skills and talents,
  • develop their social skills,
  • encourage them to take leadership roles in the community,
  • strive to excel in their schoolwork
  • plan realistic career paths for the future.


Net vir Pret aims to attain these goals by offering after-school, weekend and holiday activities targeting children and youth both in Barrydale and on the farms on either side of the Route62. We work with approximately 500 young people every week.

We run craft workshopsart classes, reading programmes, sport activities, educational programmes and facilitate creative spaces which include music and the traditional, indigenous Riel dance, and a much used Toy Library.