Annual Events


The partnership with the Handspring Trust has led to the acquisition of considerable expertise in puppetry skills and each year in December, a Puppet Parade and Performance is mounted to mark the Day of Reconciliation. Recent themes have been The Sea Comes Back to the Karoo (2013), The First People (2014) and The Cape Slaves (2015).

The Parade is the fruit of many months of work, with creativity manifesting on every side. Story-telling, scripting, design and construction of puppets and artifacts, music, song, dance, puppet manipulation and acting all play a part with a cast of over 150, ranging in age from 4 to adult participants.

The event is attended by a huge crowd drawn from both parts of our fractured village and is intended as an exercise in reconciliation.


Operasie Skoonmaak takes place every year in the September/October Holiday School when youngsters undertake a clean-up of the hill which separates township and village. This exercise is a lot of fun but also brings to the youngsters awareness of environmental issues.

Teams are formed which compete to see which has collected the most garbage. In 2015 over 100 bags of garbage was collected and then sorted into what could be recycled. Cherie Roe Dirksen spent two days of work guiding the transformation of rubbish into objects of use and beauty.




Every year in mid-December, Net Vir Pret and Father Christmas take to the road to pay a surprise visit to children on local farms. Over 200 presents are handed out every year.  The presents are donated by the warm-hearted residents of Barrydale and the OK Grocer kindly provides a collection point. The children are always delighted and it is a pleasure to see them so happy.